I Wanted Purple Flowers

plum tree.jpg

When we moved to our house in New Jersey nine years ago I was very sad to leave New York. But come spring, I couldn’t wait to see what color flowers the trees in our yard would have.

And then one by one, each tree bloomed white.

But I really wanted purple flowers.

On a trip to Home Depot, I bought a little tree, because it had a tag on it that said “plum tree.” I thought a “plum tree” would have purple flowers, and $12.98 seemed like a bargain for purple flowers.

A few years later it bloomed…with white flowers.

I didn’t know that a plum tree could have white flowers.

But a month or so later, I was walking home when I saw little green olives all over my tree. I wondered what they were. And as the weeks went by, I found out–I had a red plum tree!

I believe in the magic of this world.

Holly McGheeComment