From Kalamazoo to Maplewood, A Cookie Story

Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I boarded the American Eagle flight from Newark on Wednesday, September 10. I’m not a big traveller for one thing, and I’d never been to Kalamazoo, or even to Michigan for that matter. I’d never been on a book tour either. I landed in Chicago and quickly realized things are a little different there—we were told that  we couldn’t deplane because the airline terminal workers were at lunch (like the eat-your-sandwich kind of lunch)! We sat on the plane, at the gate, waiting . . . hoping they would eat fast. And when we finally were able to get off the plane, I ran as fast as I could to get to the connecting flight to Kalamazoo.

I was met by my collaborator, David Small, and his wife (and also his collaborator) Sarah Stewart, and they gave me a tour of lovely Kalamazoo. We had a wonderful event at the most gorgeous library I’ve ever seen that night, the Kalamazoo Public Library, hosted by the one-and-only Kevin A. R. King. The next day was a packed event at one of the most pleasing stores I’ve seen, the, with the charming and witty owners, Joanna and Derek Parzakonis. By the way, this store is not just a children’s store, they have a wonderful selection of adult titles as well so I’m trying to help spread the word here.

I also enjoyed an incredible couple of days in Mendon with David and Sarah, complete with a tour of Sarah’s wonderful garden and a lunch at the Fisher Lake Inn, where David began the journey that ended with the publication of his graphic memoir STITCHES. On Friday David and I flew back to Maplewood, NJ, my home, and we celebrated our book for the next three days straight. Thanks to the magnanimous Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Illingworth (both of, the indomitable and charming Mrs. Jane Folger of and the terrific Jonah Zimiles of, as well as the cool and crazy chicks Marcy Thompson and Jenny Turner Hall of By the way, none of this would have been as tasty without the best baker in the USA:

Here is David at [words]:


And here we are at the Bookbug, the Maplewood Library, and [words] again, with the live rogue cookie!


And here, with the Able Baker herself!


And then, to cap off a perfect launch week, we received this wonderful review by Maria Russo in The New York Times Book Review!


I’m looking forward to hanging around town for a bit now, and getting to work on my next project.

Holly McGhee