Together Anyway

If you have a friend whom you love very much, but that friend doesn’t live near you—I recommend this: take something, anything, from their house to yours when you next visit them, and then use it every day.

I have such a friend. She is 85 years old and lives in Boston. She is an artist. She lives to make things. Her work is full of life.

jeanne 1.jpg

I live outside New York. I only see her a few times a year, and every time I come home from a visit, I am filled up—with joy, wonder, inspiration.

The first time I took one of her forks I didn’t tell her. Just stuck it in my suitcase.

I wanted to eat from her fork, wanted to stay connected to her and her way of being in the world.

The next time I went to see her, I told her what I’d done. And that I wanted another fork, so I could have an extra.

She said, “Take it!”

And then we went out together, to get a cup of coffee. And she bought us each a golden mug. I use mine every day and I feel like I’m with her and that she is with me. When you find someone like this, grab on and don’t let go. Take their forks if necessary. Buy twin mugs. Do something. Cherish them however you can.

You can be together even though you’re apart.

I believe in the magic of this world.

jeanne 2.jpg
Holly McGhee